About us

Care Invest Trading is a Dutch trading company focussing on trade of European Pharma, Food and Care products to China and Africa. Care Invest Trading is specialized in Dutch, German and English brands for Mother and Child, especially Baby Milk Formula. The assortment includes amongst others the complete Nutrilon range of Nutricia (Nutrilon Easypack, Nutrilon Jewel Box, Nutrilon Can), Milupa Aptamil (Germany) en Nutricia Aptamil (United Kingdom), Cow & Gate (United Kingdom), Hero Baby, Hero Baby Nutrasense, HIPP Bio Combiotik (both Netherlands and Germany), Nestlé NAN OptiPro, Kabrita, etc.
Care Invest Trading can source the most popular brands from the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and other Western European countries directly and indirectly from the manufacturer. This guarantees a structural supply for customers.